The people at CEIT RALTEC consist of a mixed team of researchers, engineers and usability experts. We develop special technologies for rehabilitation and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in close collaboration with people that have special needs, as well as physicians and caregivers .

We direct the focus of our development on smart home solutions, wearable electronics and technologies to overcome barriers to enable and prolong a self-determined and independent living to our target group.

One of our succesfull solutions is the eShoe, an intrumented shoe-sole performing gait analysis with the ojectives:

         Fall prevention and detection

         Training, therapy and rehabilitation

         Activity monitoring

         It is usable for indoor and outdoor usage

CEIT RALTEC is the lead partner of the AAL Living Lab Schwechat, where active
involvement of potential users within is successfully done (see list of projects below)



Our service spectrum consists of the following technologies, methods and applications:

         Embedded Systems Design

         Wireless communication

         Pattern Recognition

         Statistics and Data Mining

         Sensors in intelligent buildings

         Gait analysis

         Fall prediction and prevention

         Usability Engineering

        User Interface Design

CEIT RALTEC has been involved in the following AAL-related projects:



         SOFTCARE (AAL-JP)

         LongLastingMemories (EU: CIP ICT-PSP)

         KSERA (EU: FP7)


         Interactive Picture



Tel.: +436648544386